Destination Indian Wedding: Anjana and Neil


They sat poolside, drink in hand with an effervescent smile; greeting their guests with hugs, family with kisses and keeping each other hand in hand. Their wedding was set in the most beautiful backdrop they could imagine; Cancun Mexico. Their friends and family flew in from all over the world to celebrate a marriage years in the making and a party they have both been dreaming for decades about.

One late night while making his regular stops throughout the DC nightlife scene; Neil happened to walk into a bar that changed his life forever; across the room was a beautiful, infectious and smiling woman that Neil just had to meet. After coercing their mutual friend to introduce them he let his charm take over as they spent the night talking about anything that popped in their minds. He offered to buy her drinks which she politely refused, he offered to dance with her and again she politely refused; she was enthralled by a guy whose demeanor made her feel at easy and whose smile spoke louder than anything he said.

Over the course of the next year Neil was drawn to Anjana’s love for others, the sarcastic personality and a love for life that he had never witnessed before. Their casual meetings turned into dates with Neil proposing less than two years later and never being more certain of anything else in his life.

The wedding was a dream come true as it merged the two things they love most; Mexican food and beautiful beaches. The wedding was a celebration of love and life for two days as friends and family screamed in excitement, danced under the stars and made the most of a celebration bringing two gorgeous people together.

Anjana and Neil it was nothing short of an absolute pleasure celebrating your wedding with you; we hope you love the images as much as we do.

Amazing Vendors at the Destination Indian Wedding:
Wedding Planner: Unique Cancun Weddings (Joss) & Project Bride DC
Venue: Omni Cancun Hotel

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