Date Nights :)

“And the days fly by like paper in the wind”

That statement is so true it hurts. We get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of life that
sometimes we forget to stop for a moment to enjoy and celebrate life. Working literally from
dawn to dusk improving our craft, making our processes more efficient, and providing an
outstanding finished product, sometimes we forget to take a step back and enjoy it all. When
Sunny and I were married we made a promise to ourselves. We promised each other that at least
once every few weeks we would go out on date night. Nothing necessarily fancy or over the top,
but something that took us out of the house for a few hours and gave us time to catch up on life.
These are my favorite days.

From hitting a few balls at the driving range to dinner and a movie, we always have a great
time. Our last date night was extra special because we were joined by my brother Nimit and
his girlfriend Kanika. It was national margarita day (who knew there was such a holiday?!) and
we took full advantage! We toasted to good times, times to come and to repeating our double
date nights. We walked around National Harbor, taking full advantage of the beautiful 70 degree
February weather and even stopped into the Peeps store, challenging each other to a spicy Mike
& Ike competition. The boys won this time, but we’ll get you on the next date night!

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