Wedding Planning Wednesday: Tell the Story of Your Day – Washington DC Wedding Cinematography

Cinematography is used to tell the story of your wedding day. Everything from the sound track, voice-overs, and lighting is key but nothing is more important than the story itself.

The storytelling experience of a movie is more dynamic so it will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. When it comes time to editing a wedding film, all those moments captured are then interwoven with meaningful sound bites. Sound bites are short pieces of dialogue, it could be the groom saying his vows or a funny speech or maybe something a father said in while waiting to see his daughter as a bride for the first time.

The story can be witty, loving or heartfelt. Regardless it should invoke emotion and keep the attention of your audience.

So how can you help us depict the story of your day the best? First and foremost ensure you have plenty of time in your wedding timeline to capture key moments such as getting ready and your first look. Second, ensure we have a copy of all speeches, toasts and performances before the event. By reading these speeches before your event, we will know if for example; we need to focus on your father if your sister is sharing an emotional story that involved you three from your childhood. Also, write each other love notes to be read the morning of your ceremony. Not only do these love notes carry a lot of emotional value they can also help set the tone of your wedding day film. We love to storyboard so if you and your fiancé have an idea of what you want your video to look and sound like, setup a meeting with us at least a month prior to your big day so we can get the concept documented and any necessary voice-overs out of the way!

Check out this highlight reel we put together from Sonia and Atul’s Washington DC wedding!

Sonia and Atul – “Waiting for this Moment” from Sunny Mathur on Vimeo. Washington DC Wedding Cinematography

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