Wedding Planning Wednesday: Soak it in!

While planning your wedding can be a stressful experience, hopefully you’ve hired a wedding planner to take your stress and grunt work away! If not, try to enjoy every single moment, it goes by faster than you will realize.

Make a point of enjoying your own hospitality. Savor the food (nobody else has noticed that the beans aren’t quite al dente), comment on the wine (even though you’ve tasted it seven times and had some last night) and take time to smell the roses in the center piece. If you like dancing, then dance. If you dance, you’re still engaging with your guests, but people leave you alone and it will give your jaw a rest.

Enjoy every moment! Soak it in! It’s the little things like doodling your new last name on your note pad while you pretend to listen to whomever is talking, imagining what the moment will feel like the first time he sees you in your wedding dress, and feeding each other slices of cake. There will be times when the planning process gets overwhelming with a million little decisions that must be made…but never forget the bigger picture… and the love that started it all!

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Soak it in!

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Soak it in!

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