Wedding Planning Wednesday: Formal Photographs

Formal photographs are an important part of your wedding photography and should always be worked into your formal wedding timeline. Many of these photos are ones your parents or grandparents are eagerly awaiting. Formal posed photos usually include various combinations of the bride, groom, wedding party members, and immediate family members. Posed formals may even include extended family members and close friends, depending on your desire.

Posed formals may be taken either just before or just after the ceremony. If you don’t mind seeing each other prior to your ceremony, this is normally the ideal time because your clothes are still freshly pressed and your makeup recently applied.

How much time should be allowed for formal photos? A quick set of formal photos may be taken in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. An extended session may last from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Of course, it depends on the size of the wedding party and the number of family members and friends that it may be desired to include as part of the formal photo session.

To make sure a quick, smooth and organized session occurs, the bride and groom should make a specific list of all of the family members (or family groups) of whom they’d like to have photos taken. This assists not only the photographer, but also helps the family sort out exactly what their formal photography needs will be. Such a list also helps to speed up the process of taking the formal photos, so that there is less time taken in making last-minute decisions on whom to include in those photos. It’s also a great idea to have an individual that knows both sides of the family facilitate the family formal session to help ensure everyone is included!

, Wedding Planning Wednesday: Formal Photographs

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