Wedding Planning Wednesday: Delegating Tasks

If you have a wedding planner, much of your wedding day tasks will be taken care of. But if you decided to plan and coordinate your wedding on your own, there’s only so much you can do yourself on your big day. After all, you’ve put in so much time, dedication and work-you do deserve to enjoy it all stress free!

One of the most helpful wedding planning tips that I’ve received is: Make a rule that no one can ask you any questions on the wedding day. By then, everyone should know what they are doing and where they’re supposed to be, so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

It’s time to delegate! Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done on your big day and then make a list of responsible and helpful individuals that will attend your nuptials. Consider your bridal party and close friends.

Some tasks to consider delegating include the following:

  • Put someone in charge of overseeing your vendors. Ensuring that everyone is on time and has everything they need to make your wedding a success.
  • Make arrangements for someone to be in charge of safe keeping gifts/money basket.
  • Assign someone to pay vendors on the wedding day. (Several vendors require final payment on the wedding day).
  • Put someone in charge of family portraits, ensure they have a list of all the family formals and know each individual on the list.
  • Make a close family member the POC for the event. Provide this individual’s contact number to all your vendors and your bridal party in case of an emergency.
  • Provide an individual(s) with a copy of your detailed wedding timeline. Have this individual work so ensure that things do not fall too far behind schedule.
  • Assign someone to make sure the bride and groom take a moment to eat something.
  • Ensure someone brings along your Bridal Emergency Kit
  • Put your Maid of Honor or your Best Man in charge of the rest of the bridal party. Ensuring they all know their roles in the wedding and reception.

Letting go of some responsibilities and task to others can relieve you from a huge amount of stress. Delegating specific task to other reliable and capable people will be the key to a perfect wedding day.

Please share additional tips in the comment section below!

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