Wedding Planing Wednesday: Inspiration

Over the course of the next few Wedding Planning Wednesdays we will be sharing lessons that we learned during our own wedding planning process and even lessons we learned on our big day!

Wedding planning can be extremely time consuming, it really is like a full time job in itself. Our first tip is to begin your planning as early as possible. Begin discussing things such as budget, guest count and ideal venues with both families. Talk to both families about important wedding traditions so you have a good idea of what you will need to incorporate into your festivities. These conversations can even take place before you’re officially engaged! It’s good to have a clear idea of your vision as soon as possible so you can execute the vision quickly and efficiently. It is also important to know what is important to you and allocate time to accomplish those items first. For example we wanted our wedding to be fun and unique so we planned to have a candy table, a sweets table and an ice luge. Those three items were extremely time consuming from finding the perfect jars, scoopers, sweets and ice sculpture design.

Other important things that you can plan early on:

  • Your Wedding Colors (ours changed weekly until a month prior to the wedding…we should have nail them down sooner)
  • Your Venue type (vineyard wedding, outdoor venue, the beach, indoor ballroom, banquet hall, intimate home wedding, church, etc)
  • Ideal time of year you would like your wedding to take place
  • Overall décor themes

Another method that worked well for us was to create a document to store wedding inspiration when we come upon it on various wedding blogs, magazines and photography websites. A site we loved and used for our wedding was; the site allows you to save inspiration images, ideas and sites. For example, if I saw a table centerpiece that I really loved, I would copy and paste the image into my inspirations document. By the end of our planning process my inspirations document was nearly 20 pages but I was easily able to quickly figure out what colors and types of décor I was drawn to and then was able to piece together what I loved and what I wasn’t a true fan of.

And because every post is better with pictures; below are two images taken by our amazing wedding photographers Gray Photography that show snippets of what made it into our wedding; the themes, designs and ideas.

Happy Wednesday!


, Wedding Planing Wednesday: Inspiration

, Wedding Planing Wednesday: Inspiration

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