Meridian Hill Park Engagement Session of Anjali and Gaurav

He had seen her before, briskly walking down the hallway on her way to a client meeting. She instantly caught his eye, she was beautiful and her smile was contagious. He wanted to get to know her, eager to learn her name and why he had never seen her before, but today would not be […]

Brookside Gardens, Maryland Engagement Session of Palak and Manan

Palak and Manan met in high school and 8 years to the date of their first official outing as boyfriend and girlfriend, Manan proposed. They finish each other’s sentences, hold hands tightly and smile, knowing that they truly are made for each other. Palak and Manan were the lucky winners of our Facebook Engagement Session […]

Brookside Gardens Engagement Session of Leena and Anand

He grasped her hand tight, helping her stand straight as her stilettos sunk deep into the wet, freshly cut grass. They smiled as they gazed into each other’s eyes, the day that they had been waiting for was quickly approaching. Leena and Anand met in highschool and their first date took place over ten years […]

Washington DC Engagement Session of Jalpa and Gaine

They are one of those couples that we were instantly drawn to. Put aside the fact that both are gorgeous beyond words and have the sweetest personalities. They are funny, witty and so, so, so in love. We were elated to kick off Jalpa and Gaine’s engagement session at the beautiful Brookside Gardens in Maryland. […]

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Session

We met them both for the first time at their engagement shoot. Shazia was busy planning a wedding, being a resident, adjusting to a new family and potentially sleeping somewhere in the process. Yasir was a laid back resident who we had the pleasure of meeting prior but whose only requirement was great pictures of […]

Cherry Blossom Engagement Session: Hetal and Divyang

They’ve been best friends ever since they could remember, regardless of how many states lied between them, medical school, residency and the thousands of other items that kept them apart they always had each other just a phone call or short drive away. She was attracted to his laid back personality, his humor and the […]

Chitrali and Nikhil’s Engagement Session around the Washington DC Monuments

Nikhil contacted us months ago wanting to recreate part of their relationship and documented through an engagement session with locations that were sentimental to Chitrali and him. He wanted to incorporate the Cherry Blossoms a time of the year he knew his fiancé loved, a time where they use to walk hand in hand enjoying […]

Georgetown Engagement Session | Naveen and Abbas

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Naveen for a great long time. We connected instantaneously, and within days we went from being complete strangers to the closest of friends. She’s the sweetest and most loyal friend you’ll find. Caring and intelligent beyond her years and very thoughtful. When she called me one afternoon to tell […]

Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session of Rahul and Naiya

It was a true March evening, cold and windy with a slight era of Humphrey Bogart. Washington DC was reeling with tourists who misjudged the Cherry Blossom festival by a month and regulars out for an evening run around the tidal basin. Naiya and Rahul met us at the Jefferson Memorial dressed directly out of […]

Bijal and Saurav Salvage Yard Engagement Session

Bijal and Saurav are car aficionados of the extreme kind; heck both of their facebook profile pictures are of cars and they probably take care of their cars better than most people take care of their significant others. Their love for cars and their love for each other run hand in hand as they both […]

Washington DC Engagement Session: Lisa and Akhil in Georgetown

Lisa never took games too seriously, she would play to have fun and enjoy the company of others. Akhil was the polar opposite; he was competitive in nature and everything was taken as a personal challenge. These two met in the oddest of circumstances; Akhil and Lisa were placed on the same flip cup team […]

Leesburg Virginia Engagement Shoot of Kina and Tony at the Winecroft Vineyard

6 years. That is how long it will be before Kina and Tony finally get married. 6 years of dating; 6 years of laughing together, crying together and simply being together. Six years of wine tasting, couch surfing, job hunting, house purchasing and life side by side. Within those six years these two have seen […]

Washington DC Engagement Shoot of Sonal and Roshan in Dupont Circle

Over the past two months we’ve had torrential downpours, heat waves and massive hysteria; it seems that every time we planned Sonal and Roshan’s engagement session something had to go wrong. But finally on the third reschedule we were able to take these two beautiful people to Dupont circle for a memorable and exciting engagement […]