Bijal and Saurav Salvage Yard Engagement Session

Bijal and Saurav are car aficionados of the extreme kind; heck both of their facebook profile pictures are of cars and they probably take care of their cars better than most people take care of their significant others. Their love for cars and their love for each other run hand in hand as they both […]

National Harbor Engagement Session of Priya and Rohit

Priya was freezing; a December engagement session on the water at sunrise. She thought Rohit was slightly crazy; especially for planning it the morning after his 30th birthday where they were obligated to stay out all night with friends they haven’t seen in over a decade. Like everything they do though; there was a smile […]

Washington DC Engagement Session: Lisa and Akhil in Georgetown

Lisa never took games too seriously, she would play to have fun and enjoy the company of others. Akhil was the polar opposite; he was competitive in nature and everything was taken as a personal challenge. These two met in the oddest of circumstances; Akhil and Lisa were placed on the same flip cup team […]

Engagement Session Albums

Our clients look absolutely gorgeous when we shoot their engagement session. Everything from their amazing clothing and flawless hair and make-up to the fantastic backdrop of their location of choice is perfect! The engagement session is a timeless moment together that does not age. To immortalize this time together; Photographick Studios is proud to announce […]

Teasers: Chrissy and Peter’s Engagement Session

Just a few fun teasers from Chrissy and Peter’s gorgeous engagement session from this past weekend! Chrissy and Peter are a fun loving, playful couple. We fell in love with them instantly as they cracked jokes and shared stories about each other. We began their shoot at the grand St. Regis Hotel, the location of […]

Neeva and Sunny Engagement Session Photography – Venice Italy

It was my birthday and I was out celebrating an amazing night with close friends.  The drinks flowed as we danced the night away without a care in the world.  He walked in with a friend from high school. I noticed him from the corner of my eye; tall, dark and handsome. We made small […]

Kinnery and Matt: Washington DC Engagement Session

It was one of those mornings, another to-do list to complete, meetings after meetings after forgotten meetings. To say these two are busy is an understatement, these two real estate rock stars have perfected the art of the conference call, the power of e-mail persuasion and the two minute meeting (McNabb would be jealous, yes […]

Contest Giveaway! Free Engagement Session

Photographick Studios is excited to announce our November contest! We will be giving away a free engagement session in November! All you need to do is send us your name, e-mail, phone number and wedding date! You can either send us an e-mail, leave us a message on our blog or write on or Photographick […]

Sarah and Mike Engagement Session In the DC Metro

When we began discussing possible locations for Sarah and Michel’s engagement session, Washington DC kept coming up. After all, no other city in the United States can offer such grand monuments and historic locations. We started the session early in the morning to avoid the summer heat at the World War II Memorial.  Sarah looked […]

Teasers: September 18th weekend :)

We normally post all of our teasers on facebook days after the wedding/engagement session without fail ( So if you are not already a fan, please check us out and “like our page” or “become a fan” or whatever else Facebook is calling it now. This past weekend, we photographed the elegant and beautiful wedding […]

Surya and Prithvi Engagement Session around Washington DC

A love like this: Prithvi and Surya They were college sweethearts. He first noticed her in his business statistics class at the University of Maryland, College Park (Go Terps!), and even though this class had 500 students enrolled, she was the one who always stood out to him. From the moment she first walked in […]

Tara and Vikas | Washington DC Engagement Session Around The Monuments

You know that scene from the romance novels when the soon to be lovers cross paths several times in life, sometimes not even knowing that that they’re standing in the same scene? They might randomly meet in distant cities while traveling with friends, attend the same parties, even work in the same building in one […]

Seena and Tony | National Arboretum Engagement Session

We usually discourage our couples from conducting their Engagement Sessions around the crowded monuments in D.C., but when you’ve got a proposal story like Tony and Seena’s, you make exceptions. Tony and Seena’s first date took place at Union Jack’s in Bethesda. Sparks flew instantly as the two talked about everything, from their childhood and […]

Anjali + Davinder | Georgetown Engagement

When Anjali and Davinder come to mind I instantly think of sheer romance and love. How could you not? This lovely couple met at their mutual friend’s wedding, were engaged at another mutual friend’s wedding and have attended even more weddings together! From hearing stories from their first date at Morton’s Steakhouse in Georgetown to […]

Aman and Gurdeep | Cherry Blossoms

It seemed like the photography gods were against us (yes, there are photography gods), every time we zigged, they zagged to catch us in our tracks, mind you we are nimble on our feet, but these guys were faster. The gods were playing with everything they could, the weather, our time lines and our allergies. […]

Sheeba and Geoffrey | Washington DC Monument Engagement Session

On the day Sheeba and Geoff came to drop off the deposit I could tell this couple would be fun. Sheeba had her lawyer game face on, culling through every line of the contract, dictating law and analyzing. Geoff like all men, was making fun of his fiance and trying to figure out what was […]