Sachi and Manish’s Wedding at Fox Chase Manor

She sat there patiently, blissfully happy as her makeup artist, Suman Khosla, added the last touches to her blush. Today was the day that she had been looking forward to for so so long. The day that she would finally marry the man of her dreams, her very best friend. She looked stunning in a […]

Washington DC Garba of Sachi and Manish at the Contenental Events Center

The families were large and the love overwhelming as Sachi and Manish started their wedding weekend full of smiles, laughs and inside jokes. Friends and family from near and far came to celebrate their beautiful wedding and the Garba was the perfect opening act filled with choreographed dances, songs and plenty of rass. Sachi looked […]

Crystal City Engagement Session of Sachi and Manish

Senior year of college at Virginia Tech University they were neighbors living across the hall from each other. Sachi instantly caught Manish’s eye and he took every opportunity he could to talk to her. Manish would find the most random reasons to stop her apartment to talk to her. He would ask her about her […]