Prathyusha and Arjun Engagement Session in Brooklyn NY

“A biker bar? Are you sure she wanted us to meet them at a biker bar?” Sunny nodded with a devilish grin as I stood there a bit confused. I shrugged my shoulders and walked in and began scoping the place out. It was awesome! This wasn’t just your standard everyday bar, it was a […]

Surya and Prithvi: New York City Engagement Session

He first noticed her in his Business Statistics class, for him the easiest class of his hectic semester. While the professor wrote formulas and problem sets on the board he stared. Stared at the way her eyes would lighten up when she knew the answer to the professor’s question. Stared at how she effortlessly took […]

New York City Engagement Session: Meera and Rupen

There’s no other city quite like it in the world. The hustle and bustle in the streets-even at 6am on a Saturday morning (Yes, EARLY!), was intriguing. What were these people all doing we wondered. I’m sure they were all asking the same question about us as we lugged our camera, lenses, reflector and tripod […]