North Bethesda Marriott Wedding of Leena and Anand

Leena and Anand met in high school, a love that transcends across state lines through college, countries through medical school and only a few miles away every summer. Their love reflects the loving and assured sense of self and each other. They communicate with each other in smiles and with body language all their own, […]

Maryland Christian and Hindu Wedding of Kina and Tony

Seven years they dated; seven years they held each others hand, Kina talked about her day, her dreams of the perfect china cabinet and her love for the perfect pair of shoes. Tony would simultaneously talk about Redskins football, basketball and anything sports; yet through their discombobulated conversations that always kept them laughing a love […]

Hindu and Christian Baltimore Maryland Wedding

She knew he was the one upon noticing that after nights of rotations, hours on end studying, working ridiculous hours and no sleep in what seemed to be weeks she still wanted to see his face and hear his voice before doing anything else. He knew she was the one the moment he realized how […]