Alpa and Anil Engagement Session in Alexandria, VA

We photographed Alpa and Anil’s Dyke Park engagement session at the crack of dawn, literally. It easily could have be one of the hottest days of the year the weather man boasted. So with clear skies and a zero chance of rain, we began Alpa and Anil’s session at 6am. Yup; these two troopers came […]

Seema and Sooraj | Brookside Gardens Engagement Session

They were highshool sweethearts. He noticed her from afar, always in the lunchroom. It was the only place he could see her, afterall she taking different classes and try as he might he never seemed to catch her in the hallway by the lockers.  So the lunch hour was his golden opportunity. He would always […]

Shanthi and Tayan Engagement Session at Great Falls Maryland

When Shanthi told me she loved to go hiking and she would give me a run for my money, I paid it no mind. After all this girl will be in heals, wearing a Sari for the first time in her life and working on not messing up her hair; all while “hiking.” I of […]

Roshni and Jay Engagement Session at Three Fox Vineyards | Part I

They sat at our dinner table overlooking six cupcakes giggling and pointing. Betting each other, nudging each other and passing love glances towards each other. Roshni and Jay have a game they play each and every night at every dessert. It’s a game that proves how well they know each other and how much they […]