Meera and Rupen: Garba and Raas in Hershey, PA Part 2 of 3

They should have had a half pendent each, strung across their necks and protected from everything. Two half pendants that represented their love, bond and affinity for each other. The two half pendants combined would have simply read “Best friends forever.” These two were inseparable; even if they were hundreds of miles apart they would […]

Meera and Rupen: Mendhi Party part 1 of 3

Every day leading up to their wedding Rupen would provide Meera with a beautifully hand written sentimental message on a personally chosen hallmark card. It was what Meera began to anticipate as they counted down the days to their wedding together. Rupen would hand Meera a sealed envelope with his card inside, Meera would smile […]