Seema and Amar: Washington DC Indian Wedding Film

Seema was sitting patiently as her foot methodically tapped, her hands fidgeted with her stunning lengha and her eyes wandered back and forth from the clock to her phone to her bridesmaids; although it was 5 AM and Seema’s dream wedding day had just begun. Seema was full of energy and ready to get married to the man of her dreams.

Amar was a soft spoken man who won Seema’s heart through gestures that would make most adult women cry and the rest fawn over his thoughtfulness and love. Amar would make surprise trips from Texas to see Seema at the drop of a dime when she simply said she missed him. He planned an elaborate four day engagement proposal that had Seema’s best friends and family fly to DC from all over the world, he always told her she was perfect and always reminded her of how lucky they were to have met each other. His thoughtfulness and kindness won over Seema’s heart, his love and adoration was what she was looking forward to the most for the rest of their lives as a married couple.

On a gorgeous overcast day in the heart of Washington DC – Seema and Amar’s one true desire; it be man and wife came true at the Wardman Park Marriott in Washington DC. Surrounded by hundreds of friend and family, Seema walked down the breathtaking mandap with a raised candle lit isle to the man of her dreams. Seema and Amar promised to love each other unconditionally, to always think of the other persons needs before their own and to never forget the love they share for each other.

NOTE: Photos provided by Ajit Singh Photography

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