Love Note…

There are those people in your life whose embrace can touch your soul and wash you over with a warm, genuine love that can never be denied. It transports you to a comforting place where you are free to laugh; cry and everything in between – but most importantly, free to be yourself. It feels like it was yesterday. Introduced by a mutual friend, our friendship quickly blossomed into a deep passionate love that can never be tarnished.

It started out with quick lunches; I would take the metro two stops to meet Neeva for a quick bite at Chipotle – I would guise it as if I was coming for the food, but she would know better. We bonded over our love to live life to the fullest, to do better and never settle for less. I pushed her to finish her first half marathon and go to graduate school. She pushed me to move out from the shadow of others and start my own business, to make a love for photography a professional outlet. I am so thankful that we have been able to push each other to obtain and achieve more.

Two years later our love has only grown stronger. I can’t image my life without her, she is my partner, my best friend, and the love of my life. This Valentine’s day I’ve been able to reflect on how far my life has come and how many of my dreams have come to fruition because of our mutual love for each other and our passion to keep pushing forward. I am so blessed, thankful and so absolutely in love.

And because no post if complete without pictures 🙂

, Love Note…

, Love Note…

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