Hopeless Romantic

And they began to fall. At first it was just a few tiny drops but quicker than I could have imagined they began streaming down my cheeks. My vision blurred and my lip quivered but I was blissfully happy. These were tears of sheer joy. See no matter how hectic and stressful my day is, he knows how to make it better. He understands what type of day I’m having simply by my e-mail responses. E-mails which make no mention of my day, feelings or mood, he can figure out my world simply by my syntax. He knows me so undeniably well. Most days just seeing the playful smile on his face just makes my day brighter. Yesterday was no exception.

He told me he had a surprise for me and like a child on Christmas Eve I tried to guess what it could be and even tried to trick him into telling me. My wrong guesses built anticipation. I could barely get myself through dinner as his smile grew larger.

For years I’ve promised that I would make a scrapbook of our adventures. Put together pictures from our travels, plane and train tickets, and the little trinkets we’ve collected over the years. And well, he finally beat me to it. This gift was better than any designer handbag or sparkly jewelry. It was the true gift of our love and our memories. A custom designed keep sake box holding every image we took while we were in Italy, the location
of our engagement. The box has enough room for me to put in our train tickets, the little giraffe we picked up in London and our entrance tickets to all breathtaking museums and art galleries.

Over the years our memories may fade but I’ll always have this keepsake to remind me of the best adventures of my life with the man of my dreams. As I sat at our Sunday date night I was reminded of just how lucky I am to walk life with my best friend. As I sat at on his cream leather couch that night I was reminded of just how lucky I am to walk life with my best friend. I love you always and forever.

– Neeva

, Hopeless Romantic


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