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About once every three months Neeva gets extremely sick, one of those pains where you can’t concentrate at work and have to leave about 45 minutes after getting there. One of those pains that start in your stomach and work all the way up, slowly at first but then like a bungee jumping free fall without the cord. After dating Neeva for over two years, I quickly realized the signs and symptoms of this special disease and that the only medicine that could possibly make her feel better; make her herself again and put that glowing smile over her face once again. That medicine is simply; the power of the plastic and more commonly referred to as retail therapy. This is normally diagnosed with hours of shopping at the mall, buying shoes that she will never wear and eating out.

But this time the diva in my life wanted to see a Diva on stage. So once the pains came in full force, we did the only thing we knew would work, bought tickets to see Mariah Carey.

It was the night where we forgot all about our to-do lists, our calendar appointments and just simply enjoyed each other’s company mixed with the vocals of Mrs. Mariah Carey. It was date night at its finest. We started the evening with drinks with good friends at an old college tavern which is better known for its lines out the door on Friday nights than anything else. Their food is mediocre and drinks not much better, but it was the perfect mix of musty college memories and early Valentine’s Day romance.

The concert was everything one would imagine, a diva who needed four costume changes, a myriad of dancers, a high flying acrobatic act and vocals that would floor anyone with ears. She sang ten of her greatest hits and we bopped our heads and sang along the entire way (my voice is amazing). It was a wonderful night that reminds us all of the spoils of our individual daily grinds. Simply: Love and happiness.

A few images from our date night are below! Enjoy!

, Diva Moments | Dar Constitution Hall

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