Diesel and Daisy :)

Ever since I was 8 years old I have always wanted a pet; particularly a big husky dog to play fetch with, run around our neighborhood with and to love unconditionally. As a child both of our neighbors had dogs so I would wait on my porch until they had to go out for a walk just so I could tag along; of course by accident and of course to help them out (in case they ever needed a responsible child to dog sit). I would run around with them, play with my neighbors dogs and invite them over for sleepovers (sadly their owners would decline for them). My parents never wanted a dog due to the responsibility and my mother in her infinite wisdom would distract my pleas for a dog by buying me toys; these ranged from a Nintendo, super soakers and essentially any other toy I wanted. As a child it worked really well (Neeva does it from time to time with food but I swear it’s different).

So I made myself a pledge; once I could provide a dog with an amazing life with constant treats, daily walks and more toys than they could play with(yes utterly pampered and spoiled) I would buy myself the dog that I always wanted.

So on black Friday on a whim Neeva, Ritesh and I went to the pet store to simply look around; forty five minutes later we left the store with two of the cutest dogs ever (I wanted a pitbull; Neeva wanted a Yorkie…guess who won). We left with a pure bred smart, relaxed and fun Yorkshire Terrier that we aptly named Diesel (yup all 3.5 pounds of him) and Daisy a simply stunning, playful and hyper Morkie. Both puppies are four months old, perfect weight and health. We are utterly excited to spoil our new puppies! Below are pictures of our beautiful new family members (don’t worry Christmas cards are coming).


, Diesel and Daisy :)

, Diesel and Daisy :)

, Diesel and Daisy :), Diesel and Daisy :)

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