WPPI: Las Vegas (and a business expense!!!)

So WPPI is basically the biggest professional wedding photographers conference in the whole wide world. There are symposiums (sounds fancy) on lighting, posing, composition, post production, album design, well you get the idea, essentially EVERYTHING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY RELATED. I was lucky enough to sign up to take classes with some of the greatest wedding photographers […]

Zoya Couture :)

“Sunny I need Pictures of my new line.” Said the President and CEO of Zoya Couture, also known as Arti “Arti, I need business cards!” Said I “ok, done” ended the greatest conversation known to man Arti from Zoya Couture has been a good friend from a long time and an incredibly talented artist. Her […]

Clients Page

“I love the Images!” “I love the Video!” “I Love the Blog Post!” Well…what next? You’ll now love our organization (yes you brides with the 4 inch bridal books will understand)! We are excited to announce the newest feature to our website, the client page!! Our client page is organized by couple, allowing you to […]