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Sunny, Ritesh, and Neeva,

We've been wanting to email you all for a couple weeks now but are only just now getting a chance (who said that life after being married would be less busy!) But, we want to take some time to thank you. It was really great working with you and we just wanted to let you know that. There are some details that particularly stood out as your going above and beyond..

One of the things that stood out is that we felt very comfortable with you - which is what made spending all of our wedding moments with you so fun and easy. We also felt comfortable with you because you had the perfect combination of understanding our Indian customs but also our younger and western perspective.

Also what really stood out was you never treated any of our sessions or events as a job. Rather, you had a persistence to take the perfect shots and the ones that would be meaningful to the both of us. It was very clear that you would rather spend extra time with us if it meant you could capture the perfect shot for us.

During our entire wedding planning process, one of the most important things to us was customer service. Customer service is one of the things that drew us to you you promptly returned calls and email and during our wedding events, always asked us if there were any additional shots we wanted before you left for the day. On numerous instances, you showed us that you cared: you asked us about our story (how we met, how we fell for each other, etc.) and actually listened and cared about our story. Even things like surprising us with the engagement flip book showed us that you cared.

We know how hectic and crazy Indian weddings can be and we thought you all handled our massive family members and friends extremely well. You all held your cool as guests got in your way to take pictures, etc. We were also really impressed at how well you were able to handle taking our large family photos. It's not easy organizing that many people and you did a great job to keep us on schedule (actually ahead of schedule).

Last but not least, throughout the all our engagement shoots, we knew that we were spending time with friends. We really enjoyed spending time with you during the formal wedding times, but also when we were just hanging out and eating taco bell. Roshni for one was very excited that she was able to try hooka for the first time - thanks to you guys :) We do hope that the friendship we developed will continue.

Well - these are just a few reason why we enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. We're looking forward to more fun times. :)


Roshni and Jay

P.S. We both really LOVED our garba pictures!

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