Engagement Session Tips
Engagement Session Tips

The last time most of us had professional pictures of us taken was probably High School and although the Coke bottle glasses, MC Hammer Pants and big metal braces looked great back then...somehow they went out of style. These tips are to help make sure you look natural, beautiful and classic years from now (if you whip out the MC Hammer Pants for your engagement pictures, we may walk away).


1. Get enough sleep the night before. The last thing you want are puffy eyes in your pictures.

2. Get your hair, nails, and makeup done. If you are like the rest of us, the last time we had professional photographs taken was probably in high school. Make the most out of your time and photographs; make sure you look amazing so that the images look amazing! Your engagement session may be the ideal time to get a bridal makeup test session done.

3. Unique locations: Did he propose on the roof of the W Hotel? Is your favorite activity boating on the Potomac? Do you just want pictures that STAND OUT? Make sure the location means something to you or find unique and fun locations, if you want we can help, we have a whole list of uniqueness!

4. Bring a small bag with make-up for reapplication specifically powder, some water/drinks and a towel. Although it may not be a hundred degrees when we shoot the engagement session, DC gets humid, muddy, and sometime downright icky. Bring a towel to wipe it all off. See below for additional make-up tips.

5. What to wear! Remember to wear clothes that compliment your setting (For example, if your shoot is on a beach, wearing a suit would not compliment the beach setting well). Women look great in form fitting knee length dresses with cute shoes and a purse to match; guys always look good in button downs and khaki’s.

6. Colors to stay away from: White, black, anything neon, anything that would scare an animal, anything the same as your skin tone.

7. Horizontal stripes make people look bigger, vertical strips make people look taller, poka dots just look weird.

8. Accessories: Every woman must accessorize, but an engagement session is no different. Want to bring umbrellas, top-hats, pet goldfish or a vintage mustang? Sure, we will work with whatever you throw at us, if it has meaning for you, or something you want to try, bring it on!

9. Bring an alternate outfit: In case the unexpected happens it is nice to have another set of clothes in the car, including shoes, accessories and jewelry. Plus what if you want to jump into a large body of water? No point in staying wet throughout the entire engagement session.

10. Leave everything in the car, we love our iphones, wallets, and toys as much as the next person, but the camera only sees it as additional midsection weight. Something I am sure most of us would like to avoid. If you would like we would be happy to hold your keys during the engagement session, less stress, less baggage, more fun!

11. IMPORTANT: Have fun, it’s a great time to go out in public and hang all over your significant other, have fun doing it, love it and the better time you are having the better the pictures turn out!

Additional Make-up Tips:

* Foundation should be flawless, even and smooth
* Use matte finishing powder to decrease shine
* Keep blotting papers on hand for use throughout the day, power is just as effective
* Keep eye shadow light and natural
* Wear black mascara even if you don't normally use it. It makes your eyes pop!
* Don't ring your eyes in black eyeliner
* Nothing too shiny or glittery on lips, cheeks or eyes
* Try a test run of your makeup before your engagement session

Engagement Session Tips

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