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Just a Whim

The father of the bride walked gallantly towards the Microphone, choking back his tears and smiling nervously none the less. As he held the mic with his glistening palms, he looked the groom directly in the face eye-to-eye and man-to-man. He then started the speech he had been rehearsing since his baby girl was born by simply said to the groom “Work to Live, never live to work.”

The words struck a cord and it was the only thing I could think about for a few days; I held Neeva tighter, spent more time by her side and enjoyed the little things. Those words cut deep and came from a man who may have found life’s lesson the hard way.

So Neeva and I vowed to never learn that lesson the hard way and always have something in our relationship and lives to look forward to. And on a whim (3 days of calculating, planning, searching and studying) we booked a six day trip to Greece over a week in July we did not have any weddings, signed up for a half marathon, promised to cook more at home and get me a kindle. Don’t worry Internet I shall bring my camera and share images from most of our adventures that turn out right.

And on a Whim we signed up for:

1.       A Trip to Greece

2.       A half marathon

3.       Learning to cook (not just ramen noodles)

4.       Become healthier, through exercise from our half marathon training and new cooking skills!

5.       Read a book or two

6.       Drinking a lot of wine in preparation for Greece and hoping it doesn’t effect losing weight for the half marathon


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